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Company value

Simplicity—simplicity is the best principle for being a man and doing business
Simplicity of mental state because of gratitude;              simplicity to get along with because of frankness;
Simplicity of survival because of innovation;              simplicity of flow because of norms;
Simplicity of cooperation because of mutual win;              simplicity of communication because of specialty。

Motto for company operation and management: incentive, spirituality, ambition, governance; morality, action, rule, understanding。
Incentive—transparent and sound talent incentive mechanism is needed for expansion and development of companies;      Ambition—a company can’t progress and expand without lofty goals and implementing goals;
Governance—regulated mechanism and strict management form the base for mutual win of companies and;      Action—take actions now. Action leads to results; success can’t come out of fantasy;
Morality—win over people by virtue, win over the world by getting their will. Integrity is the only way leading to self-discipline and social commitment;       ——Spirituality—spirituality far outweighs materials; sound enterprise culture is the company’s soul;
Rule—a smart person must abide by fate, comply with people’s will, respect the nature and hold nature in awe;      Understanding—to understand and satisfy customers’ needs constitutes our bounden duty.

Self cultivation of JBT people: self-discipline, self-improvement; one can be austere if he has no selfish desires; gratitude, philanthropism, quietness and accomplishment 。
1、Self-discipline and self-improvement: reflect yourself three times a day; check your mindset, actions and results per day on whether you are too aggressive, whether you have unbecoming manners and whether you are integrated or not. With reflections, try to correct yourself. Only talents with self-discipline would become powerful.
2、One can be austere if he has no selfish desires: restrain your selfish desires; put interests of others in the first place; only by putting yourself outside the complicated interest relationship can we grow strongers and spur mutual win in life and career,
3、Gratitude and philanthropism: gratitude, love and benevolence. To live is to a bliss. To be grateful to all minor things. Love your job. Have kindness and ideal. Be gentle in mindset. Be tolerant and love others.
4、Quietness and accomplishment: the highest field of success is tranquility in souls. Discard hassles brought about by perception. Do not complain about unfairness. Do not suffer from imaginary fears. Do not seek for troubles yourself. Upbeat acception arouses infinite potentials. Notes: we encourage that our staffs hunt for their own self transcendence, for as far as they are concerned, sound development leads to individual felicity. Hunting for satisfaction outside work while neglecting importance of work in life would restrain our opportunity to grow into a happy and integrated person.

Behavioral code for people in JBT: take a down-to-earth manner, take actions now, spare no efforts and hold on to the end。
1、Take a down-to-earth manner: do not whine or blame others. Pay efforts equal to any other people. Study more intensively than others and keep at it. Make progress no matter how trivial it is rather than making complaint.
2、Take actions now: action is far more efficient than reflection and a traveler can reach the destination. Success is a process of self-transcendence of felicity towards the vision. Success can never be possible without actions. We should try to make our actions more constructive and do things leading to productivity.
3、Spare no efforts: we should do things with a ‘must-be’ determination to make progress. We should maintain a responsible, dedicated, progressive and careful life state. Nothing poses as a difficulty in life. Instead of regretting over things that you fail to pay efforts to, you should be fully absorbed with things.
4、Hold on to the end: perseverance is not difficult. What poses as a challenge that you hold on when others let go. Holding on to the end is a basic characteristic found in all triumphant people. Do not fear loneliness or torture of difficulties, for they are touchstone of success: we would like to foster sound and occupational habits to do things in the hope that we could cultivate their brilliant capacities to do things. As far as individuals are concerned, growing of good work capacities depends on sound corporate environment and healthy and unified value concept. For companies, their development also needs a good deal of talents. Individual competence is hard to be carried out or make progress, and companies prove difficult to progress and expand without this consensus in mind.